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Our Vision

The vision of Mission Regan is to share the love of Christ both locally and globally by collecting surplus medical supplies from those who have plenty and sharing them with those in need.

Our Mission

Mission Regan is a 501c3 non-profit organization that exists to bridge the chasm between people who have too much and people who struggle to survive. We collect supplies, medication, and medical equipment, then send them to those who are in desperate need – locally and globally. We focus on what we can learn from the people we are giving to, rather than what we are doing for them, and aim to sustain and continue relationships with the people we help. We believe that we can all help each other, regardless of our status.

ABOUT: Who We Are


Regan played a BIG role
in the creation of this non-profit!

ABOUT: Welcome


In 2010, while Josh and Courtney were in Uganda adopting their son, they met a very sick little boy named Regan at the same orphanage. Unsure of what was going on with his health, but aware of how ill he seemed, they assumed he had something difficult to treat like TB, malaria, or AIDS. He had an IV that stayed in his hand at all times to give him fluids, he was too weak to bear weight on his legs, and he couldn’t speak. It was a painful reality that hit home for Josh and Courtney, as their son, Owen, was going home to a family that would provide for him, but Regan and many others may not.

After establishing a relationship with the orphanage’s nurse, Josh asked her what was wrong with Regan. She told him that he was diagnosed with pneumonia – something that Josh and Courtney had seen treated easily so many times in the US. The nurse explained that the doctor prescribed a medication that they could not obtain, and when he asked her what the medication was… Josh was shocked.

A few weeks prior to their departure, the pediatric clinic he worked for was having to throw out several vials of the exact same medication (Rocephin) she needed due to the expiration date. He asked the clinic owners if he could pack them for his trip to Uganda, and they agreed that it was a great idea - the medicine hadn’t even expired yet!

Josh told her he’d be right back and went to his room to get the medication. Neither Josh nor the nurse could believe that the very drug Regan needed was going to be discarded…but was donated to them instead.

Over the next few days, it was still touch-and-go for Regan. But, on the fourth day… Josh walked out of his room and was surprised by one of the greatest sights he had ever seen. Their son, Owen, and Regan were playing together and laughing. He couldn’t believe that he was looking at the same child! By the time they left, Regan was well on his way to becoming healthy!

Regan was so close to death that Josh and Courtney were afraid to check his crib… but the Lord had other plans for this amazing little boy. They were so blessed to be a part of Regan’s life for the few days they were at the orphanage, and they were honored to see God work a miracle right in front of their eyes. Regan’s life inspired Josh and Courtney so much that they went home and started collecting more supplies. Before they knew it, the supply donors and recipients had grown so much that in 2013, they agreed it was time to become a 501c3. Now, in 2023, each month continues to bring new donors and each day brings new people in need both in our own backyard and all over the world.


From disaster relief to individuals being released from the hospital in the DFW metroplex, Mission Regan is there to provide for those in need. If someone is in need of a wheelchair for a veteran being released after an amputation or if they have a 40-foot shipping container being filled and shipped to a 3rd world country, Mission Regan is able to provide, and
it all started with a very sick little boy…

ABOUT: About Us
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